5 Tips to Prevent Dry Skin this Winter

       by Samantha D'Ascoli

Winter is almost upon us. For many of you that means low temperatures and harsh weather conditions and with cold weather conditions comes dry skin!
Preventing dry skin
We have some great tips for you to prevent and/or get rid of dry, sometimes uncomfortable skin during these chilly months.

1. Moisturizing is KEY

Moisturizing your whole body and face regularly is not only a great way to prevent dry skin, but also improves your overall appearance and texture of your skin. For the winter months, we suggest using a moisturizer that a is a deep conditioning or ointment-like to both provide and retain moisture your skin needs to prevent dry skin.

2. Invest in a Humidifier

When the temperature drops and people want to stay warm, they naturally turn the heat on when their indoors. Heating systems and/or space heaters crank out hot dry air which pulls moisture out of your skin. Humidifiers are great to have because they inject moisture into the air which helps prevent dryness.

3. Check your Cleanser

Your skin reacts differently to different products. When you are suffering from dry skin you should use a non-foaming, creamy cleanser. Creamy cleansers will provide your skin with more protective lipids and more moisture. Once your dry skin is under control and the weather starts heating up again you can switch back to a foaming cleanser.

4. Beware: super-hot showers

We all love our very hot showers. Unfortunately, those very hot temperatures really dry out your skin. Hot showers tend to wash away the natural oils in your skin which keep it from drying out. It is okay to take a very hot shower once in a while, but limiting them is recommended when it comes to healthy skin.

5. Cold cream cleanser over make-up remover wipes

Most make-up removing wipes have alcohol and sulfates in them which dry out the skin. Cold cream cleansers not only remove makeup but they moisturizer your skin. So, you are basically getting a two in one with a cold cream cleanser.