New Year, New Skin!

       by Samantha D'Ascoli

Keep these tips in mind for great skin.

The holidays are past us and we are officially in a new year of life! Let’s look forward to creating the new you. How can your skin look fresh and younger without spending endless amounts of money? These are three top skincare practices that will help you get your skin into shape.
Update your skincare routine
1. Make/Manage a Routine

Naturally maintaining a good skin regime is key to helping get your skin on the right track. Always start off with cleaning your face with the right cleanser for your skin type. The natural oils that your skin produces are good and you do not want to use a harsh cleanser or certain soaps that can dry out your skin. Next, make sure to use a toner afterward to give your skin back the PH balance it needs. Moisturizing is very important. We recommend moisturizing twice a day, especially in drier climates. Last, but certainly not least, please make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. We advise not do this step too often because it could lead to dry skin and potential irritation.

2. Eat Right

Making sure you have a well-balanced diet is very important for your overall health, but it really has a positive effect on your skin. Eating the essential green vegetables and fruit every day feeds your skin rich antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Drinking a lot of water is key to keep your skin hydrated and help clears the body of built-up toxins. Drink up! Lastly, limit your added sugar intake to help avert breakouts, no one likes pimples!

3. Don’t Stress

Too much stress can cause your skin to react negatively. Stress can cause acne as well as other skin blemishes. Here are some tips to help de-stress. Staying positive is key. Positivity is important to keep your mind at ease. Meditation and breathing are amazing stress-relieving techniques to practice regularly. Making sure you get an antiquate amount of sleep every night is very important for the mind and body. Exercise is important for getting rid of stress. Having a regular exercise routine is a great way to keep your body and skin in great condition. Also, regular movement, even if it just walking a little bit daily, will help get rid of stress. For more information on how exercise is great for your body and skin — Check out our article “Exercise is Essential for Your Skin”.

So, get your skin back on track. We hope you enjoyed our tips for skin success!