Plexaderm Reviews from Real Customers!

Following are Plexaderm reviews. They are from satisfied customers who have experienced incredible results, including visibly reduced under eye bags, decreased crow's feet, smile lines, and forehead lines. Enjoy the Plexaderm reviews below:

Jackie S.

“To see Plexaderm put under my eyes, I thought I would see a little difference, but to see that big of a difference? It’s amazing.”

Carol M.

“At one point, I weighed over 400lbs. Once I had my Gastric Bypass, all of a sudden, I started having wrinkles. The Plexaderm helps to erase a lot of that. It just tightens it back up the way nature intended it. It gives you such a boost in confidence.”

Peggy C.

"I really love this stuff. eye bags do not show. Feel much prettier. I am a widow and 63. Plexaderm makes me look and feel younger. Thank You."

Sandi G.

"I ordered you product, tried it and its the best I've ever tried. It works just like you said it would! I will recommend this to all my friends."

Frances M.

"I was just on a "girls" cruise and had just purchased Plexaderm. The reaction from my friends was incredible. They couldn't believe how fast and effective the product works. I shared a little and we were all happy!"

Judy H.

"This product does exactly what it promises. I've been using it for about a year and I'm still amazed."

Monica L.

"I purchased this for my 67 year old mother. This was like magic...She looked 10 years younger!!! This product is amazing."

Karen S.

"I love, love this product. It is so easy to use and does exactly what it says. I am 62 years young, and before this I was using another product for years which for the most part I was happy with, but was a little tricky to put on due to white residue left around the eye if you didn't do it right. Not so with Plexaderm. It's amazing-looks so natural, blends in so well with my skin tone. I tried a lot of products in my years and have been disappointed but this one is a home run. I am a big fan and will be a customer for life."

Jennifer N.

"I have purchased many beauty solutions to help me with the aging skin around my eyes, but this one is the only one that make s avisible difference. It really works..."

John H.

"Dear Plexaderm, 
Just received my order and tried the cream and wow what a difference.This is absolutely phenomenal, great product. I AM SOLD!  Nothing on the market works like this.
Thank you so much!"

Dominique A.

"I love it!"

Gary D.

"I am a 21 year Navy Submarine Veteran and with these photos you can truly see the transformation of my eyes and forehead area!"

Plexaderm Before And After

Scott R.

"Wow is all I can say. Package came 10 minutes ago, I tried it right away, and 5 minutes later, boom. They're (eye bags) tight, firm and look great! I haven't looked like this since Freshman year of high school."

Mona K.

“I look in the mirror and I say, oh my goodness, I’m not young, and look at all those lines. What am I going to do for them? The Plexaderm helps. This is great stuff. It’s easy to put on, and then you look better.”

Stephen K.

"Not only does it change you on the outside, but something on the inside, knowing you are looking better. This is essential for me now. I’m hooked.”


"I am a mother of 6. I don't have time to do make-up. My daughter bought me this product because I was not happy about the dark circles under my eyes. I didn't think it would work, to my surprise it works and I love it. Thanks for a great product that you can actually see the results in minutes."

Barbara J.

"I'm 81 and use this product. This is the most amazing cream I've ever used in my live. It works like you advertise, and I just ordered my 3rd time."

Wanda D.

"I will never be without Plexaderm again. It is nice to be told by people that I look 40 when I will actually be 71 in April. Thank you so much for a product that really does what it is adverised to do."

Lee W.

"The wrinkles and bags under my eyes made me want to keep sunglasses on. Now I don't have to hide behind my shades anymore. I love this product."

Antoinette V.

"Thank you Plexaderm for the best product on the market for reducing lines and wrinkles! I am 62 yrs old and honestly still feel like I'm in my 30's, and now thanks to Plexaderm, I look younger and more vibrant than I have in years! I highly recommend this product! 5 stars."

Linda D.

"By the way your product is awesome! i told my plastic surgeon he should offer it to his patients. It worked better for me than $3,600 worth of surgery/skin tightening procedures. Also, I have at least 5 other similar products and none of them worked as well as yours. I am also using your mineral powder foundation and I think it's fantastic! Thanks again for terrific products and excellent customer service."

Sharon D.

"I am very happy with plexaderm. I have been referring friends to try plexaderm. I went to buy eye shadow and the girl that was putting it on me said my eyes look good. I told her to use plexaderm and gave her the information to pass on to her friends."

Diana H.

"I learned about Plexaderm from a TV commercial and just had to try it for myself. Since I've been using Plexaderm, the change in my skin have made me feel confident, energized, youthful, and absolutely beautiful. Plexaderm gives me a flawless complexion. I receive compliments on my skin everyday - it makes me look years younger. It's a product I cant live without. I absolutely have to have my Plexaderm!"

Linda T.

"I am 80 years young and , although I did not receive the genetic blessings of my father, who had very few wrinkles, I received the genetic "not so blessings" of my mother... wrinkles at the age of 40. That being said, Plexaderm has been my lifesaver! I dont use it every day but when i do use Plexaderm the bags under my eyes diminish substantially. Thank you."

Joe S.

"Using a hairdryer on a cool setting, it can help speed up the drying time."